Mobile computing is transforming the way people interact with their devices such as PC notebooks, handheld computers, Personal Media Players (PMPs), PDAs, and cellular phones. People can surf the web from anywhere, and commuters can work with word processing applications, play video games, and watch movies, all on their mobile computers. Such usage drives both performance and battery requirements for mobile devices. However, there is an intrinsic tradeoff between increased performance and battery life. While users would like to run power-hungry applications for the whole day on a single charge, current battery technology is not sufficient to meet this requirement. Recognizing this challenge, Moxair has developed patent-pending technology that provides up to 50% increase in the battery life for mobile devices that are multimedia centric.
Today's cell phones, personal media players, and other handhelds last only a few hours while running video applications. Most of the device power is consumed by the LCD panel including the backlight. With increased mobile video usage, and increasing LCD screen sizes, this problem is becoming bigger.
Moxair solves this industry-wide problem using patent-pending video processing technology that enables video to be displayed with dramatically lower LCD and backlight power consumption. Moxair enables 50% increase in battery life on mobile devices while maintaining the highest in video quality.
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